Swiss Postage Stamp with Embossed Braille

On March 6th 2003 the Swiss Post Office issued a 70 Swiss cent postage stamp with embossed braille to celebrate 100 years of the Swiss National Association for the Blind (SNAB) and the Swiss Library for the Blind and Partially-Sighted.

The stamp is red with a large number 70 in another shade of red which can easily be overlooked. "HELVETIA 70" appears in white writing along the bottom edge. In the middle the number 70 is embossed in genuine braille that can be read by touch (numeral sign, g, j).

single postage stamp with embossed braille

sheetlet of 10 stamps with braille embossing

This page with pictures in standard quality (GIF, 70 KB)

I should like to thank the Swiss Post Office for the excellent publicity as well as for the graphical material on this page.

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Vivian Aldridge 2003-04-14