Elements of the German braille code
(incorporating the revisions of 1998 - 2011)

by Vivian Aldridge

This document to download is a short description of the most important elements of the German braille code for English-speaking learners of German.

To download with most newer browsers, right click on the following link:

The complete current rule book on German braille (in German) can be downloaded from the download page of the Braille Authority of the German-Speaking Countries (BSKDL) under the following link:

On the same page a short but comprehensive description (in German) of the changes in the braille system introduced in 1998 can be downloaded (but not as ASCII text).

For more information on German braille send Vivian Aldridge an e-mail at the address consisting of: "author" und "@" und "braille.ch" - without spaces, of course.

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